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Our goal is to open source the Hyundai/Kia Siemens ECMs on the Beta and Delta motors to provide tuning options to the DIY enthusiasts. This project originally started for the Hyundai Coupe/Tuscani/Tiburon platform but as we collected more data from other platforms with similar ECMs, it was clear that those other platforms can be supported using the same principals.

We are looking for smart individuals that have experience with IDA Pro and disassembly that are willing to help push this project further. Please contact info(at) or join our Discord if you would like to contribute to this project.

If you are a tuner and found this site to be useful, please consider a donation to Paypal: donate(at) to help keep the site alive.


ECM Tuning:

Siemens L4 2.0L Hardware

ECM Identification
2.0L L4 Pinout
5WY14 PCB Layout

Siemens V6 2.7L Hardware

ECM Identification
2.7L V6 Pinout
5WY15 PCB Layout
5WY17 PCB Layout
5WY18 PCB Layout
5WY1F PCB Layout
5WY1Fv2 PCB Layout


File Repository