Data link connector (OBD2)

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OBD2 port on the Tiburon is hidden behind the fusebox cover located right under the steering wheel.

OBD2 port (bottom right corner, black connector on silver plate)


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THIS PINOUT IS OF THE HARNESS SIDE FEMALE CONNECTOR, AS IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! OEM wiring diagrams reference male OBD2 plug instead. Assigned pin numbers will be mirrored between OEM's and diagram below.
Female (vehicle's side) OBD-II connector pinout - front view
1 9
2 Not connected 10 Not connected
3 Vehicle Speed sensor
Going directly into pin 3 of vehicle's speed sensor
4 Chassis ground 12 Airbag

Goes into pin 16 of BCM's BCM-IM connector

5 Signal ground ("Sensor ground") 13
6 CAN high

(ISO 15765-4 and SAE J2284)

14 CAN low

(ISO 15765-4 and SAE J2284)

7 K-line

(ISO 9141-2 &/ KWP2000)

15 L-Line
L-line (ISO 9141-2 &/ KWP2000)

in Hyundai diagrams it's called DCT

and it's routed to BCM's "V-PUP" pin.

Goes directly into ABS/ESP module and


(if equipped with traction control)

16 Battery voltage ("Memory Power")

+12 Volt

For more CAN information, see SIMK43 CAN Bus