Bosch Chip Part Numbers

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Bosch Chip Part Numbers

The following list shows replacement part numbers for the Bosch part numbers. Usually, these chips are compatible with the ones of other manufacturers, so for example you can select a M27C256 in DIP28 package from ST if you have a chip with the Bosch part number B57604.

B57120 EPROM 27C64 DIL28

B57324 EPROM 27C32A DIL24

B57347 EPROM 27C64 DIL28

B57423 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B57477 EPROM 27C64 DIL28

B57519 EPROM 27C64 DIL28

B57604 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B57605 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B57607 EPROM 27C128 DIL28

B57610 EPROM 27C128 DIL28

B57618 EPROM 87C257 DIL28

B57625 EPROM 2764A DIL28

B57654 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B57696 EPROM 27C256 PLCC32

B57701 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B57764 EPROM 87C257 DIL28

B57808 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B57922 EPROM 87C257 DIL28

B57960 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B57995 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B58014 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B58038 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B58094 EPROM 27C510 DIL32

B58126 EPROM 27C010 PLCC32

B58127 EPROM 27C512 DIL28

B58150 EPROM 87C257 DIL28

B58157 EPROM 27C512 DIL28

B58185 EPROM 87C257 DIL28

B58234 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B58235 EPROM 87C257 DIL28

B58239 EPROM 27C512 DIL28

B58275 EPROM 27C1024 PLCC44

B58293 EPROM 27C512 PLCC32

B58331 EPROM 28F010 PLCC32

B58381 EPROM 28F512 PLCC32

B58399 EPROM 29F010 PLCC32

B58400 EPROM 87C510 DIL28

B58424 EPROM 27C512 DIL28

B58517 EPROM 28F020 PLCC32

B58530 EPROM 29F010 PLCC32

B58533 EPROM 27C4096 PLCC44

B58539 EPROM 27C256 DIL28

B58541 EPROM 27C512 DIL28

B58542 EPROM 27C512 DIL28

B58543 EPROM 27C512 DIL28

B58544 EPROM 27C1001 DIL32

B58545 EPROM 87C257 DIL28

B58546 EPROM 87C510 DIL28

B58547 EPROM 27C1001 PLCC32

B58548 EPROM 27PC210 PLCC44

B58550 EPROM 27C512 PLCC32

B58911 EPROM TMS27C010 PLCC32

B58335 EPROM AT28C64B DIL28

B58601 EPROM AM29F200B PSOP44

B58639 EPROM TI 87PC110 PLCC32

B58755 EPROM 29F200 PSOP44

B58768 EPROM 29F400AB PSOP44

B58791 EPROM 29F200AB PSOP44

B58026 SEEPROM PCF8582/24C02